Our Mission

Rock of Ages Family Initiative (RAFI) is a registered NGO operating in Uganda with NGO Registration Number 9296.

RAFI works to improve the lives of the vulnerable population through spiritual, social, health and economic empowerment. RAFI stands on the pillar of developing families because we believe that development begins at the family level.  Unless the family unit is empowered in all aspects; spiritual, social, health and economic, poverty levels in the country won’t decrease, population levels will continue to increase and health issues such as infant mortality rates, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS will continue to hit the country.

Mission statement

RAFI is dedicated to enhancing the social well-being of the community by economically empowering vulnerable families and assisting them in accessing quality health care, skills and knowledge for healthy living.


To see a society where every vulnerable family is spiritually, economically and socially empowered and is living healthily.