Rock of Ages Family Initiative, Uganda

A Ministry Committed to Empowering Families

Our Mission

Rock of Ages Family Initiative (RAFI) is a registered NGO operating in Uganda with NGO Registration Number 9296.

RAFI works to improve the lives of the vulnerable population through spiritual, social, health and economic empowerment. RAFI stands on the pillar of developing families because we believe that development begins at the family level.  Unless the family unit is empowered in all aspects; spiritual, social, health and economic, poverty levels in the country won’t decrease, population levels will continue to increase and health issues such as infant mortality rates, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS will continue to hit the country.

Mission statement

RAFI is dedicated to enhancing the social well-being of the community by economically empowering vulnerable families and assisting them in accessing quality health care, skills and knowledge for healthy living.


To see a society where every vulnerable family is spiritually, economically and socially empowered and is living healthily.

About Us

We passionately believe the breakdown of the family unit is the single deepest ethical and moral challenge of our generation.  Whether or not we respond to it will depend on the resolve and willingness of all of us to commit ourselves to the care and protection of family life.  The time for repairing endangered families and rescuing their children is not after they have fallen apart…it is now!

The question then is…how?  How can each of us make a difference in repairing the Ugandan family?

  • Pray with us
  • Donate
  • Become a sponsor
  • Volunteer on a team

RAFI Objectives for Vulnerable Families      

  • To increase access to education;
  • To provide skills training in different aspects of their lives;
  • To improve access to psychosocial services;
  • To improve access to reproductive health and social services such as nutrition, HIV/AIDS treatment, family planning, maternal health, prenatal care, post-natal care, and improved housing;
  • To promote improved household incomes, while advocating for a saving spirit among vulnerable families.

Program Area

  • Youth Empowerment
  • Family Empowerment
  • Health
  • Education

How we work

  • RAFI has a team of people including doctors, public health specialists, midwives, accountants, researchers, counselors, social workers and management specialists among others. The organization’s operations are decentralized, with the head office located in Kampala and a regional office situated in Karamoja (northern Uganda).
  • RAFI builds partnerships and works in collaboration with the Government of Uganda, District Local Government as well as international, national, community based organizations and the community to implement programs.

How we deliver results

By engaging and connecting with stakeholders.  This is attained by building strong relationships with donors, Ministry of Health, district local governments, partners both locally and abroad and the community.

olistic approach:  Body, Mind, Family and Community

Our Core Values

  • God fearing
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Effective/ timely communication
  • Group concern
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Inclusive Decision Making

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